Oak Furniture – A Quality Investment

Oak furniture is absolutely excellent and highly in demand. This is no modern trend though because oak furniture has always been coveted and well placed in households that could afford it. There is no such problem today because oak furniture is extremely affordable and items can be found to fit in with any budget. As such, you may want to decorate your home and garden, adorning them both in the hardwood that will last you a lifetime!

If you are considering investing in oak furniture then you will find that it is a safe investment that will keep repaying you year after year. After all, it offers aesthetic value as well as practical value within your home and garden. One of the main qualities of oak that you may like to draw your attention to is the fact that t is incredibly strong and stable, just as it is when in tree form. As such, oak will be able to withstand everything, from slight spills to heavy pressure. Even outdoor furniture made of oak will end through all weathers year after year and this ensures that every penny is well spent.

Dealing with aesthetic value that oak furniture adds to your home, there are few woods as naturally beautiful as oak. The wood is often incredibly smooth and has a light color that will compliment any décor you chose for your room. It also has a lovely habit of drawing the light to it as well so it can add a sense of space to any room as well as the functionality that comes with any oak furniture. However, you should be fully prepared to give the furniture the attention it describes because it will draw all eyes to it, no matter who enters the room.


3 Simple Ways to Refurbish Old Furniture

When it comes to decorating a home, some people spend a lot of money. They may not realize that it is possible to take old furniture and give it new life with the furniture they already have and materials found lying in the garage. It need not be a complicated process to transform your abode and with some common sense and a little creativity, your home could be updated with just a few tweaks of your old furniture.

1. Wash the Furniture Before Transformations

Before a person may start with the refurbishing process, it is vital for the furniture to be clean. To accomplish such a task, a person may choose to dip a cloth in a bucket of soapy water. The person may rub the cloth against the furniture in an effort to remove dirt and debris from years of storage. It may take specific cleaning materials for specific furniture. In addition to this, it may take a long time to clean something. However, it is worth it in the long run. If a person requires extra help, it is fine to ask friends or family members.

2. Cover the Furniture with Fun and Creative Fabrics

Once the furniture is clean and ready for the next step, a person may wish to cover the furniture with a cloth. The furniture in its present state may not be suitable for a room in the home. For example, a chair may be too dark for a room with bright colors. However, this is not a permanent problem. A person may select fabrics to cover the furniture and give it new life. The fabric may be in any color and texture; it is up to the owner to think of what may be appropriate.

3. Paint Furniture Unique Colors

Some people have wood furniture that they may paint in various colors. A person does not have to go with a normal color. If a person wishes for the chair, table, or other item to stand out from the crowd, it is an excellent idea to choose an unusual color. A person may paint a chair a bright red if he or she wishes for the chair to grab attention. The owner may also wish to paint a picture on the flat area of the chair. This is good for a chair that is for a child or person with a fun personality.

Old furniture does not have to suffer from a certain fate. A person does not have to throw away a chair or table after a certain amount of years of storage in the garage. If a person wishes to save money in the long run, it is a good idea to give new life to furniture. The owner may cover the furniture with cloth. If this is not an option, the owner may paint the furniture a unique color. The information above may help in some fashion.


Bespoke Bathroom Furniture Gives Both Flexibility and Value for Money

Bathrooms have become a symbol of class, signifying luxury and sophistication, among the European countries. They require adequate maintenance and a careful selection of attractive materials and decorative ideas in order to make them look good. Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used places in a house where you refresh and get a charge of vivacity and energy. Trendy bathroom equipment and bathroom accessories enhance the whole outlook of the room. Quality bathroom vanities and fitted cabinets in the bathrooms are sure to compliment any design or theme making your bath look tidy at all times.

Your choice of bathroom fixtures and vanities portray your personality and style, as well as enhance your bathroom’s ambiance and style. Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in the house and finding the appropriate furniture that could fit in this odd or unusually shaped room may be difficult to find. Therefore, interior space is often at a premium as it guarantees a relaxing experience and finding well made storage and bespoke furniture adds value to your bathroom while fitting comfortably within the architectural style of your property.

Provide an essence of style and luxury in your bathrooms by installing quality bathroom fittings and accessories. People look for contemporary cupboards that would not only look great but will also provide you with the storage space you need. Alcove cabinets turn into an attractive centrepiece to finish off your bathroom’s remodelling. Bespoke fitted Wardrobes are also becoming common nowadays as they provide convenience and durability you need. State-of the-art wardrobes and cabinets improve the overall appearance and also build up a very good atmosphere in the room.

You can find an immense mixture of cupboards from bespoke bathroom furniture retailers and top bathroom vanity suppliers listed in SearchMe4, the online UK local information and business directory, providing durable wood bathroom fixtures that likewise matches your theme.

For more information on Bespoke Furniture, visit our business directory.


Great Ideas in Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture by definition means furniture that was designed in the last half of the 20th century. So this means that there are many different types of furniture to choose from when selecting furnishings for your home. One aspect of modern contemporary furniture is its durability and usability that was influenced by the arrival of the baby boomer's after WW2.

It was during this time that families were in need of furniture that looked great and could stand the test of heavy use. This is when legelss couches were deigned and so widely accepted by the public. Chairs also followed with this same look but used short legs. It was also during the contemporary era that wicker made its return only this time it was used more experimentally.

Another aspect of contemporary furniture is its use of modern materials and metals. Chrome tubing, molded fiberglass, and other newly created materials have all been used at some point in contemporary furniture design. Lighting has also played a big part in contemporary furniture design as more and more furniture such as bed head boards came with lighting built into them.

It was during the last half of the 20th century the interior designers began to understand and use lighting in their design work. Who can ever forget those oil and water filled lava lamps that seemed to be everywhere in the last half of the 1960s. Believe it or not people are rediscovering them along with other creative lamp designs that made their appearance during the same era.

Before you run right out and buy any contemporary furniture it is best if you study it a little bit so you can best select pieces that go together well, because there really is so much to select from.


Decor Dilemmas – How to Make the Most of Your Home Office Furniture

The home office, unlike other rooms in the home, is truly multifunctional. Part work, part play, part possible guest room, the home office needs to serve several purposes. Since it works as more than just one kind of space, organization is key. Improving the home office is the first step towards making sure it functions like a smooth running machine.

Measuring how much space you have is always the first step. Depending on the where the electrical outlets and phone jack are, you may be limited in where you can place a work desk. Be sure to buy a surge protector for all the wires necessary to hook up your computer, monitor, speakers, cables, printer, and lamps (whew!). If you own a laptop, you will not need a huge desk, since it's smaller and the printer will not take up that much room. A flat panel desktop computer will fit in nicely with a huge selection of desks. Peripheral equipment like scanners and printers can fit in under-the-desk storage compartments. It's a good idea to measure this equipment before purchasing-this way, you know whether it will fit or not.

Corner desks are ideal in small spaces. These desks maximize space by taking up less floor space but giving you enough room to move around in and place all your work stuff in its drawers. These desks work well with both laptops and desktop computers, and it in turn leaves you with enough room for other furniture. Another option is a desk hutch, which you place over the top of the desk. A handy addition, a desk hutch gives you more space up top instead of taking up more floor space. You can place odds and ends pieces like office equipment (paper clips, staplers) or make the home office like the regular office with family photos and knickknacks from vacations.

With the cables out of harm's way, and a desk set up, you can add the rest of the furniture you want to make the home office a flexible space. Add a bed or a futon sofa to rest in or for when company comes to visit. A couple of extra chairs will make video gaming on the computer extra fun with friends over. Bookcases are probably the best furniture piece you can invest in for the home office, since they will hold books, paperwork, and office supplies. A filing cabinet is also a good idea for organizing your papers and important documents. Both of these take up little space but keep the home office under control and manageable.


Teak Furniture – It Will Last For Years In Your Outdoor Space

Teak furniture. Not only is it long lasting, it helps keep away termites and insects. Nothing is worse that spending your hard earned money on patio furniture just to have termites and insects destroy it.

Termites and other insects are attracted to wood and most outdoor furnishings are made of wood, like most trees. Teak furniture comes from the teak tree that is not any ordinary wood. Teak has rubber and natural oil in it so the termites do not think of it as wood and move on the find some wood item to destroy.

For people living in the south, and along the coast, termites can be a real problem. For these people it is better to buy something that is already naturally protected than having to treat something else you may buy or have to replace it in a few years because it has been destroyed because it was not protected. And, teak furniture is one of those naturally protected selections

You've heard the cliché 'you get what you pay for.' It's true. If you want something that is going to last for a while you have to pay the price. You could buy something cheaper but you will have to replace it sooner than expected because you wanted to take the easy way out. This way you are not only having to buy more furniture for your outdoor space, but you are having to pay for your education because one way or the other you have learned an expensive lesson.

A termite is a group of social insects that are commonly misunderstood as white ants, but that is not the case. Termites feed on dead plant material, which is usually wood, leaf litter, soil or animal dung. They are called pests because they can cause serious damage. Termites travel in colonies that usually number several hundred to several millions. With that many termites it will not take long for them to cause serious damage on whatever they are attacking.

You may have seen some of the cartoons that show cartoon termites buzzing around a piece of furniture and within seconds the whole table or other item is gone. While it takes longer than a few seconds in real life, the damage can be the same. Over a period of time, termites can do serious damage to an investment that you spend your hard earned money on.

So why give them the satisfaction. Buy something you know they will not like so you do not have to buy it twice. Otherwise, one day you may go to sit on a bench that has had its leg ate off by termites. If you really want an insect-free stuff, by teak furniture. There's no sense in feeding the termites. Once they are there it takes a long time to get rid of them without spending a lot more money. Instead, let them know they are not welcome from the beginning, by purchasing teak furniture that they do not want.


Furniture Shopping

When you go for furniture shopping you always have to keep in mind the available space that you have in the certain room.

It doesn’t matter how much space you have available. The main thing is to make the piece of furniture fit perfectly into your home.

A room that is often neglected is the hallway. Most people don’t choose to place furniture here and it might lead to an uninviting appearance. For your hallway you can always choose a coat rack stand or a bench. This is not only a piece of furniture that will look good but you will have a place where to store the coats.

Now you won’t have to place the guest’s coats on an empty bed anymore. If the coats are wet this can cause some problems. Some coat stands even provide an umbrella stand and a drip tray. This way you can safely place the wet umbrella in the stand without dripping water on the floor.

You can also choose a coat rack bench for your hallway. This way you will also have a bench where you will be able to place the shoes. This is a great addition to your hallway because you will avoid getting dirt and mud in your home.

Benches usually have an extra storage space that can be used to store other outside gear. This way you will always have the things that are exclusively used outside near your exit.

Coat rack stands and benches are usually made out of wood. But the design and color can be chosen according to your preferences and the style of the house.

If you really want to lighten up your hallway you can always place cushions on the benches. You can match the color of the cushions with your walls.


Does the Bunk Bed Work in the Kids Bedroom?

A house has different people living in it, and these different people need different kinds of furniture and accessories. When it comes to the kids room, there are several types of kid-centric furniture that one can use, like the bunk bed. Some people would not like to use the bunk bed because they have just one kid. However, there are many more aspects to this kind of bed, other than being a place to sleep for to children. Here are five major uses of the bunk bed for families with one child.

Play Ground: A bunk bed may be the safest playground for the child. With this kind of bed, a child can climb, do some acrobatics and generally have a good time. Not to mention the fact that the upper part of the bed can used in many treasure hunts till the child grows up enough to be able to reach the bed without climbing up.

A Storage Area: Ask any parent and they will tell you about the issues they have with moving the children's toys to a cupboard all day, just to give it back to them the next morning. With this kind of bed, you would be able to store the little things that matter much in a kids room at an arms' length, and it still would be safe from the children's hands and would not clutter the room too.

For Sleepovers: What's a child without a sleepover? Bunk beds come handy to the parents when they organize pajama parties or sleepovers. This bed can be used to have a child sleep on the top, without disturbing the layout or sleeping structure of the house.

These are the three major reasons why bunk beds work for the kids bedroom.


Advantages of Office Equipment Leasing

If your office is growing quickly or if it just needs to upgrade to some new technology like servers and copiers or new furniture like cubes, desks and chairs there are alternatives available to just running out and buying all those things but not everyone thinks about it. The easy alternative is office equipment leasing.

At first you might thin it is better to simply own the assets outright but when you actually stop to think about it there are lots of advantages to leasing that are at least worth consideration before making a determination of which is actually going to work better for you in the long run.

With office technology for example, the total life of the equipment may exceed significantly the useful life of the equipment in your office setting but when you buy it you have to pay for the whole asset and not just the part you are using. What this means is that while you may outgrow your copier in just two years the copier itself can easily last ten. Therefore, you are stuck either trying to sell or trade in your machine in order to finance the upgrade. On the other hand, if you had a two year lease on a machine not only would you have been making smaller monthly payments and no down payment but you also would be able to simply return the machine in two years and move up to a better one with much less hassle.

Other office items like furniture don’t generally face obsolescence but as the size of your business changes chances are you will also move the office and there again if you have purchased all your furniture and furnishings you will have to move them and try to fit them in the new space or sell them off. With a lease you don’t have that problem.

These are not the only advantages of leasing, of course. You also generally have a lower monthly payment than you would with a loan because you aren’t financing the entire cost of the purchase but just the time period you expect to use the items. You also generally avoid a down payment larger than a first payment or sometimes a first and last payment but not anywhere close to what a loan requires in terms of a down payment.

Many times too with the office equipment leasing programs available you can secure a corporation only approval which is very helpful, particularly for small business owners because it doesn’t require a personal guarantee.

Probably the biggest benefit of leasing is that it have no impact on your current lines of credit and it allows the business to preserve its working capital to expand, meet a growing payroll and otherwise take advantage of opportunities that might be missed if a significant chunk of the cash coming into the operation had to be tied up in asset ownership.

Another overlooked benefit of leasing is the simplicity. The application process is both simple and fast and unlike many loan applications the entire process from start to finish can be completed in just a few days. A lease specialist can also easily wrap all your purchases into one package rather than going through various vendors who not only use their leasing arms as additional profit centers (costing you more) but it will also actually hurt your credit if you are running several applications through several vendors rather than using one consolidated lease.

It certainly isn’t true that leasing is always the best answer but it is true that taking a look into the possibility is not only smart but also a good way to ensure that you don’t miss any options that could be significant time and money savers.


Decorating on a Shoestring Budget

Right now one of the most popular shows on television is, âTrading Spaces.â If you havenât gotten an opportunity to watch this show, the object of the game is to decorate one room in someone elseâs house with a budget of a $1,000. The decoratorâs truly struggle to accomplish this so you know it is hard when even they, trained professionals, are having problems creating the room of the homeownerâs dreams.

Do not despair just because your money is limited- you can still create a warm and inviting home frugally. When people come into our home and see our front room (the only room we have decorated since we are relatively new homeowners) they always comment on how beautiful our drapes, furniture, and whole look of this room is. Do you think I disclose that we put the furniture together ourselves and that the whole décor came compliments of Target? No way! Never divulge the sordid details, just simply bask in the glory and let them try to recreate your look. Here are a few tips for creating an inviting home on a budget.

· Watch television shows, read books, and look through magazines to gather inspiration for creating a stylish home. Although many of the things you look at are completely out of your budget, you can try to recreate it with lower costing materials and a little creativity. Some great looks can be found on http://www.potterybarn.com, http://www.pierone.com , http://www.ikea.com, and http://www.marthastewart.com.

· Paint is the cheapest way to really change a room. One thing I have learned is to never be afraid of color- bright colors can really liven up a room. Be wary though with small rooms because this can make the rooms look smaller and closed off. In smaller rooms use softer and lighter colors- yellows, light green, lavenders, and white/off-white.

· Getting your home organized will make your house look well-kept. To find out some great ways to get your home as well as yourself organized, go to http://www.organizedhome.com . This site is wonderful for learning how and what you need to do to clear out the rubbish in your home. With different styles of baskets to organize your items it not only makes the room look cleaner, but it also adds to the décor.

· Target, Kmart, and Walmart all offer great items for your home at a much lower cost. Target has fantastic drapes, tableware, towels, pillows, and furniture for your home. Kmart offers incredible linens, drapes, and sheets from the Martha Stewart line. Walmart offers great fabrics for those do-it-yourself projects in making pillows, drapes, and linens.

· To add pictures to your walls, look through old art books or photograph books. Buy a cheap frame to put it in and you will have beautiful artwork for a fraction of the cost.

· Rearrange your furniture in your home. Try to find new ways to break up a room or to make the room more open and inviting.

· Light a candle and put potpourri in a bowl. This really warms up a room, not to mention adding a beautiful smell to the air.

· Find slipcovers for your couches. Doing this is a lot cheaper then buying a new sofa and when you get tired of it you can take the covers off. These are especially nice if you have little children because it is a great way to preserve the quality of your furniture. The slipcovers are easier to clean because you can throw them in the wash, unlike your couch. A couple of great places to look for nice slipcovers are http://www.kohls.com and http://www.surefit.com.

· Want something in particular in your home, but canât afford it? Hit http://www.ebay.com and bid on it. eBay always has great things for your house not to mention beautiful antiques and collectibles which make your home more unique.

· Buy large pillows to use as extra seating. These are great for when you have a large group over and not enough seating. Donât invest in more seating; just buy big beautiful pillows for your guests to sit on.

· Go to the garage sales, but go early. Those who wait do not get the deals that the early risers get. Donât underestimate the Salvation Army and Goodwill either because you can find some interesting and beautiful things for your house.

· Learn one craft that will aid you in decorating your home. Several of the fabric and craft stores offer wonderful classes for learning crafts such as sewing and floral for a very low cost. By learning crafts you can make things yourself at a lower cost or you may be able to make money off of this to afford you more luxuries in your home- you just never know.

· Hit your local Dollar Tree for some great buys on things to make your home more inviting. You might laugh at this one, but you would be surprised what ends up at that store. I have bought beautiful mugs, baskets, and stationary for a buck a piece and no one knows that I spent so little money. Try to think outside the box and go to the stores that are normally not known for quality houseware. This is where you get the real deals.

· Purchase all different types of blankets and put them under your end tables or drape one on your sofa. They make your guests feel cozy and invited especially on those cold winter nights.

· Put a book or two on your coffee table that can be a conversation piece, but don’t overdo it. People tend to get carried away with this and then you lose the beauty of the furniture underneath. One or two books are nice, but four or five looks like clutter.

· If you buy the do-it-yourself furniture or have a piece that looks like it needs a face-lift try replacing the knobs on those cabinets and drawers. A beautiful brushed silver knob or ornate gold knob can make the item look entirely different.

· Replace your old plastic curtain rods with sterling silver or gold rods. Target and Kmart have some really beautiful ones with different styles of ends (leaves, fruit, glass) that really add that special touch.

· Try a theme room, but donât get carried away. Remember that whatever theme you chose you will have to live with it for a long time. Go for classic themes that seem to withstand the ages. If you choose to pick a theme for the room do hints of it throughout rooms, but donât make the entire room one big theme. Just give your guestâs hints of it.

I hope these tips will offer you some insight on decorating your own home. My advice to you is that you start small and with one room at a time. Do not get carried away with redoing your whole home or you will feel overwhelmed. Concentrate your efforts on one project until you are completely satisfied and then begin thinking about another project.


Organizing Your Small Office

When it comes to organizing your office small, design and layout is critically important. After all, a work environment can influence employee productivity, morale and retention rates. In fact, a recent study done by Gensler, a firm corporate architecture firm, reported that over 50% of surveyed employees said that they would work an extra hour every day if they had a better work environment. That's 5 extra hours of productivity per employee … simply because their work environment is pleasant.

The benefit of a pleasant, well-organized office space is clear. Unfortunately, most small businesses can not afford an expensive architecture firm to come in and professionally design the office layout. As with most things, the small business owner must find creative solutions on their own.

So … what makes a work environment … well, work?

There are several key factors that you should address.

Comfort. Above all, you should strive to create a comfortable work environment for your employees. Things like ergonomic work chairs, natural lighting and a pleasant color scheme go a long way to establish a productive environment. Interior design elements such as architecture and furniture style can affect the office's over-all mood and influence company culture. Do you view your brand as revised and modern? Create an environment that exudes those qualities using classic furniture pieces and rich colors. Is your company young and innovative? Modern pieces and up-tempo colors will set the right tone and encourage employees to emulate that identity. Not sure where to start? HGTV offers a nice home office design gallery that can help inspire the right office esthetic for your company brand and culture. Still stuck? Ask your employees for their ideas and input.

Efficiency. The office should be organized to fulfill specific objectives efficiently. Define the top 3 to 5 objectives of each department and organize their space around making those objectives easier to achieve. This means grouping collaborative teams together, placing equipment and supplies where they are most often needed and creating a logical flow through the office space that allows for quick communication. Each area of ​​the office should have a meeting space and printing station with a stocked supply closet featuring everything from paper clips to toner cartridges .

Budget. As with everything in small business, budget matters. At the beginning of any office design project, you should create a rational budget and stick to it. If you can not make all the changes you would like today, plan your office changes in waves that are aligned with cash flow. The International Facilities Management Association recommends budgeting between $ 3,870 and $ 6,447 per person to outfit a completely empty office space. For very small businesses this estimate may be a bit high. Consider cutting costs by buying / renting used furniture and doing easy tasks yourself, such as painting walls.


Teachers! Is Your Classroom Safe?

Every teacher's worst nightmare is a child getting injured while in their bedroom; partly because you obviously grow to care about your kids but also because it reflects poorly on you as a teacher, and of course a serious injury could affect your career if you could be accused of negligence. There are a number of ways you can act now to make sure your classroom is as safe as possible so that you do not have to worry about any of this.


The first thing you can do is make sure your kids stay in line, especially when moving around the classroom. You may be able to keep their attention while teaching and while they are busy working or playing but when your back is turned do they get up and walk around? By stamping down on anyone getting out of their seats without permission you can cut down on some risk. Also, by keeping toys and games in a completely separate area you can prevent any unexpected obstacles from rolling under unsuspecting little feet.


Your classroom furniture can be a real hazard if too old or worn to operate properly. A child falling off a broken chair is going to not only look bad on you for noticing but will look bad for your school. Preschool equipment is especially important to keep an eye on as children that age are less steady on their feet. Most school furniture should be maintained by your schools maintenance team, but it is still your responsibility to report anything that looks dodgy so keep your eyes peeled.

Tidy Up

It may seem very obvious but keeping your bedroom clean and tidy is the best way to keep it safe. With the right kind of classroom storage for keeping toys (especially those with wheels or balls) in one place you should be able to prevent any unnecessary accidents with trips and falls. You should ensure that classroom furniture is kept organized and not moved out of place. Also, with a handy piece of kit to keep all your paintings and glues out of reach when not in use there will be no no excuse for slippery floors.

First Aid

Finally, if the unexpected does happen, having a well stocked first aid kit on hand to look after any scrapes and scratches should prevent any accidents getting lost after they have happened. Make sure to clean up any blood with disinfected to prevent any cross contamination and to save any squeamish kids from losing their lunch.


Keep The Fur Off Your Couch With Pet Furniture Covers

You treasure the company of your favorite furry companions. But pet hair on the couch? Friendship only goes so far. Keep you home looking fresh and clean, furniture and all, by using pet furniture covers. There's no need to scream yourself hoarse trying to discourage puppies from leaping onto furniture. Let them roughhouse all they want. You've got a secret weapon. Furniture slipcovers are convertible, attractive and durable enough to take years of abuse! Pet furniture covers are even machine washable, so when you begin to see paw prints, just remove the covers and throw them in with your normal wash cycle. Then, tumble dry and replace them on your furniture. It's as easy as washing a pair of jeans.

One Piece Linen Pet Covers

One Piece furniture covers are soft, attractive and available in sizes for all your furniture. Drape them over couches, loveseats and easy chairs in one easy motion to protect the back, arms and seat of your valuable furniture. One Piece Linen Pet Covers are machine washable, so you can renew their fresh look time and time again, simply by tossing them in the wash with any regular load of laundry. For you and your beloved pets, it's a win-win! Kids and animals alike will enjoy the freedom of being able to lounge and play together on household furniture. Enjoy the company if your animals while saving every piece in your living room from dirty claws and excited paws!

Quilted Suede Pet Covers

Can not believe that fully functional Pet Covers come in suede? Well, it's true, and they make wonderful additions to any pet owner's home. Pet Covers in luxurious quilted suede feel great for both humans and pets to relax on. Available in subtitle, versatile shades like taupe, they'll compliment the décor of practically any style of décor. Available in attractive styling, so you can protect your furniture without sacrificing the look you want!

Cotton Slip Covers

Cotton is durable, soft and machine washable. Everyone loves snuggling up to clean, fresh cotton. With cotton slip covers in a variety of elegant covers, you can keep your home looking and feeling great while protecting valuable furniture from pet hair and dirt. Allow your dogs and cats to play the furniture as much as you or they wish, then, just throw this durable cover in the wash with your regular load of laundry. Tumble dry, and you're all set. Cotton is a popular affordable fabric, so you can stock up on tons of gorgeous colors. Change the look of a room in one move with great looking, functional slip covers in Sage, Chocolate, Taupe, Bluestone and more.

Accessories and Beyond

If you decide you'd like to reverse-engineer the décor of your living room to match your new slip covers, that's no problem. There are soft, luxurious pillows and other furnishing available in every color, so you can collect a whole set in elegant hues like Sage, Burgundy, Sable and Taupe. Shop Slip Covers that stretch to fit the form of your furniture, so they are absolutely invisible at a casual glance. Form fitting slip covers offer all the protection of a utility tarp, while keeping your home and furniture sleek and attractive. And with reliable protection, you can feel free to invite your furry friends, feline or canine, up onto the furniture to keep you company. After all, what's the fun in having pets if you can not spend time with them in the comfort of your-and their-home? With stylish, machine-washable slip covers and accessories you can have it both ways. Pets can roughhouse and shed to their heart's content, and your furniture can stay clean and inviting for the human members of the house to lounge on. Any pet lover can appreciate that well-designed household slip covers represent an innovative solution to and age-old problem.

And with extra-soft quilted slip covers, you can enjoy the benefits of protecting your home from dirt and hair, plus an extra layer of soft cushioning that everyone will enjoy lounging on. Slip covers make excellent gifts for longtime pet owners and new inductees to the "Help! My Couch Is Covered With Dog Hair!" club. Save big on getting your furniture cleaned twice a year simply by investing in inexpensive, long lasting slip covers.

Protect chairs, love-seats, window seats, recliners, wing seats or any design. Fitted slip covers feature memory-stretch fabric and all-around elastic for a neat, adaptable fit that will not slip off or bunch. You can put them on your furniture and forget about them till laundry day!


Guide To Contemporary Rocking Chairs

A chair is man's invention to make sitting more comfortable. One of the most popular types of chairs is the contemporary rocking chair. The rocking chair is named after its unique feature. Unlike other types of chairs, the rocking chair is capable of an automatic rocking motion. It allows the occupier to move towards and returns without the fear of tipping over. A rocking chair is famous with the elderly. Most of the senior members of the society develop a certain fixation with the rocking chair because it provides them with comfort and relaxation.

A rocking chair is divided into five parts: the rocker, the seat, the legs, the backrest, and the armrests. The rocker is the most important feature of the rocking chair. It is the base of the chair that is formed into a curve. This curved appearance of the rocker makes the rocking of the chair possible. It allows the occupier of the chair to swing back and forth. It is carefully produced to accomplish a smooth swaying of the chair. The parts of the rocking chair which connects the rocker to the rest of the chair are the legs. The four vertical legs act as the chair's support system. They are usually shorter than the legs of ordinary chairs because they are designed to affix to the rockers. The legs of a rocking chair are usually carved with different designs. The part of the rocking chair that is directly supported by the legs is called the seat. It is either a flat or a concave surface that supports the occupier's bottom. If the seat is responsible for the support of the occupier's bottom, the backrest is the one responsible for the support of the occupier's back. For additional ease and relaxation, the backrest of a rocking chair is made to be a bit bended. The last part of the rocking chair is the armrests. Armrests come in doubles: one in the left and one in the right. As its name suggests, the armrests primarily function as a place to rest the arms. Aside from supporting the forearms, the armrests also make it easy for the occupier to enter or exit the chair. The addition of armrests into contemporary rocking chairs is optional.

The modern version of the rocking chair is called a contemporary rocking chair. Unlike the other types of rocking chairs, a contemporary rocking chair does not necessarily present a woody appearance. The said type of rocking chair is available in a wide array of bold colors like red and yellow. The shapes and sizes of contemporary rocking chairs are very different from the conventional types too. Makers of contemporary types of rocking chair are more aggressive when it comes to backrest shapes, rocker forms, leg sizes, and seat materials. Some models of contemporary rocking chair are odd-looking and very geometric. Despite its unique appearance, the contemporary types of rocking chair still gives the same comfort and relaxation provided by other rocking chair types.

Although the rocking chair provides benefits like comfort and relaxation, it may also cause some trouble. It may be unsafe for children because the chair is at contact with floor by only two points. If children stay too close to the chair, there is a possibility that their feet may be squeezed by the rocker. However, this problem is already given a solution. Many rocking chairs are created with springs or platforms that will prevent any form of feet squashing in the future.


What Are Bypass Doors?

Many people are unaware of what bypass doors are. They are doors that open by passing one in front of the other or one behind the other. They hang in a staggered line and usually have only one track. They are sliding doors that can be used in the bedroom for a closet or on a wardrobe. You will also find many shower doors that are bypass as well. These can have a modern look with a contemporary appeal. Some of them can even be found on sheds. For the most part they are intended for interior use because they are not great for keeping out the cold or heat.

Bypass doors have space saving features that allow you access to a room without having to move furniture to open it. The newest version offers a smooth gliding track that is much quighter than older versions. This is because they ride in a track and not simply along a track. Many are guaranteed not to jump the track and become twisted. This type can be framed or frameless, mirrored, wood or glass. You have a large variety to choose from when selecting your favorite.

If you choose wood bypass as closet doors, you can buy them unfinished or partially finished. This means the partially finished types are ready for the stain or paint of your choice. You can make it match your other decor or give it a favorable contrast to make them stand out. You can also buy mirrored doors to help brighten up your bedroom and give it a contemporary style. They are a very modern and timeless design. They are perfect for a built in wardrobe because they allow you access to both sides of the wardrobe.

Prices of bypass doors will greatly depend on several variants. The size of you need will have an affect on the prices as well as the materials used in their construction. Custom bypass doors are naturally more expensive because they must meet the exact dimensions. Most of the custom doors are hand made or made to order. Local retailers can assist you with ordering in your area as well as making sure you have taken the proper measurements. Since they must fit to a given measurement, it is important to make sure the measurements are correct as well as being precise.

Most bypass doors are for interior use although you can find them on many sheds. The most common use for them is on shower and closet doors. If you are unsure of the doors that are right for your needs, contact any of your local retailers to get recommendations from them. Some online retailers offer discounts on bypass doors for the entire home so make sure you shop around and compare prices and products.


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